Website Hosting starting at $49 per Year

 Why pay too much at other places ?

Welcome to Coastland Technologies.  Coastland Technologies is a privately owned website hosting company. I am Don Peek the owner of this small business.  As a small business owner, I specialize in dealing with other small businesses.  I have been hosting websites and running my own business since 1999.  If you need help with your site, I am available to talk.  Hosting sites is my business.  Personal Services is the key.. My customers are repeat business or from referrals and the only way that works is excellent service for an affordable price.   

I help my customers setup and get started with Wordpress and Joomla.  If you can do it yourself, then why pay others?  

Make your email address look professional with your Email address from your domain name.   This is included with the hosting not extra! 

Your account comes with the ability to make databases, run scripts and use FTP for access.  Unlimited Bandwidth .. Standard 1 GB  account will handle most sites but you can Upsize if you need..  " 30 Day Money Back Guarantee "  Web designers find a full set of tools that makes this a perfect place for customer's sites.  E-commerce and Commercial hosting are available with SSL certificate for a extra fee.  

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