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About Coastland Technologies

Hello! I’m Don Peek, the owner of Coastland Technologies.

Welcome to our little corner of the internet!

Coastland Technologies has been proudly serving customers since 1999, and as a fully owner-operated business, I am personally here to take care of all your needs.

At Coastland Technologies, we believe in building strong relationships with our customers, and that’s why over 95 percent of our current customers come to us by referral. We think that says a lot about the level of satisfaction our customers experience.
More about me personally is my personal site.

Don Peek

Our philosophy is simple – we believe in providing great service at a fair price. We’re in this together with our customers, and we strive to make sure everyone benefits. That’s why we’ve been in business for so long and are able to keep our prices affordable.

One of the things that sets us apart is that we own our own servers. This means we have complete control over how your website is hosted, and we can ensure regular backups to keep your site safe and secure.

Curious to know more? Visit our specifics page to learn more about our services, pricing, and what we can do for you.

Thank you for considering Coastland Technologies for your website needs. We look forward to serving you with friendly, reliable, and affordable service!