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As part of my support services, I occasionally utilize my own conferencing system. 
Virtual Internet Conferencing System 
 To access my support room, please use the following link. 
DR.D Room

Web Conferencing Made Easy with VICS

 No App or Software Installation Required | Join Meetings with HTML5 Browser

Virtual Internet Conferencing System (VICS) offers a seamless web conferencing experience without the need for any dedicated app or software installation. With VICS, you can join meetings directly from your HTML5 browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, without the hassle of registration.

 Hassle-Free Web Conferencing | Convenient and User-Friendly

Say goodbye to complicated installation processes and registration requirements. VICS provides a user-friendly and convenient solution for web conferencing. Simply visit and start your video conference hassle-free.

Special Deal for Hosting Customers | Exclusive Offer for VICS

If you are one of our hosting customers, you can take advantage of a special deal for VICS. Contact us to learn more about how you can enjoy a discounted rate or exclusive offer for using VICS with your hosting services.

Visit | Your New Web Conferencing Solution

Experience the ease and convenience of VICS by visiting Say goodbye to complicated software installations and registration processes, and start conducting web conferences effortlessly.

Contact Us for More Information | Personalized Support for VICS

Contact us to learn more about VICS or to inquire about special offers for hosting customers. Our team is ready to provide personalized support and assistance to help you make the most of VICS for your web conferencing needs.